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Press Release

Available for Immediate Publication

From: Stemma Books LLC

"TRAPPED Within" (254 pages)

Genre:  Medical, Disabilities,                                                        Family Relationships,
            Inspirational, Non-Fiction

Available:  In All Forms July 21 2022
                 ISBN: 978-0-9888129-9-4    (Print)  $16.00
                 ASIN: B07WXKBQB9         (eBook)  $ 4.99
                                                                                  (Audio Book)

We never expect our body to betray us but it can and sometimes, it will. Surviving a hemorrhagic stroke is a story few live to tell but the author of this book did. The story is told from the point of view of the stroke survivor as she made her way from near-death, to paralyzed survivor, to functioning adult, and advocate for others who are just beginning the same long and difficult journey.

So, be prepared to travel through the terror and frustration of paralysis to a commitment to work like an Olympian with no guarantees of success, to a place of peace and gratitude where life resides with hope.

Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author says, "Trapped Within is a powerful and intimate story about the endurance of the human spirit during a time of life-threatening crisis."

This is a great anytime read written for stroke survivors to share with loved ones and caregivers, for the medical community who perform miracles every day and would like to better understand the mental, emotional, and spiritual complexities faced by their stroke patients, and for anyone curious to know what it's like to live "Trapped Within" your own body.


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