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Academic Crossroads Memorial Endowment

"If you think education is expensive,                  try illiteracy."                                                 Author Unknown

Every year I am pleased to visit the Manatee Community Foundation staff and present them with a check for the A.C.M.E. Scholarship fund (story below). This is made possible from the sales of our books and individual donations. Thank you, dear readers and angels for supporting us. The picture to the right is (l-r): Author Jo Ann Glim and MCF Grants and Scholarships Manager Joan McCaw.

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Imagine being young and on the career path of your dreams when tragedy strikes as it did for Glim when she was fourteen and her mother died unexpectedly. This is not something any of us want to think about but it's a scenario that affects American families thousands of times over each year. Money destined to pay for higher education must be diverted for more pressing expenses: medical, legal, or day-to-day living.

This scholarship is extended to residents of Manatee County (FL) whose educational prospects may be in financial jeopardy due to the death or severe handicap of a sibling or parent. The A.C.M.E. Scholarship fund helps motivated students to take the steps necessary to reach their potential against all odds.

When anyone purchases a print copy of Begotten With Love,  or Trapped Within, a portion of the proceeds is dedicated to the scholarship fund. 

In the past three years we have offered three scholarships: two to a young woman studying to become a dental assistant; and one for a young woman entering medical school. The scholarships are open to students at 2-and-4 year colleges and universities as well as those seeking technical training.

If you would like to make an outright contribution to the A.C.M.E. Scholarship Fund in the name of a beloved child, please contact our philanthropic partners at the Manatee Community Foundation and mention the A.C.M.E. Scholarship Fund by name. If you know someone who would be a potential candidate for the scholarship, have them contact Manatee Community Foundation for an application.  

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          Manatee Community Foundation                                          Contact:

          2820 Manatee Avenue West                                                  Accepted: Jan - Jul 2020

          Bradenton, FL 34205

          (941) 747-7765