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I Love ZOOM!

These are difficult times for planning events right now, and it will probably continue for a little while longer. So, to be sensible, my bookings have been on-line and to tell the truth? I'm loving it!

BOOK CLUB FRIENDS - Grab yourself a drink and a snack, wear something comfortable, and enjoy snuggling into that cozy chair (in the comfort of your own home). Let's get the party started!


If you'd like me to attend, send a ZOOM link the day of the meeting and I'll join you! CLICK                   to get on the calendar. Hope to see you soon!

DAY                   TIME                  PLACE                                            EVENT                                

Any Day             Any Time           On-Line ZOOM Link                        Schedule Your Book Club Date Today











Are you a caregiver, medical professional, family member with something to say? Do you have a question you'd like answered?

eMail us at: and let's chat.





Don't Count Me Out

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