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I Love ZOOM!

These are difficult times for planning events and it will probably continue for a

while. To be sensible, my bookings right now are all on-line.

BOOK CLUB FRIENDS - Let's set up a meeting on-line. Grab yourself a drink

and snack, wear something comfortable, and enjoy being with your friends in

a safe environment. If we have a group of ten or more who've purchased my

book . . . I'll provide a door prize.

                               We have discussion questions ready for both books. Send me a ZOOM link                                         the day of the meeting and I'll join you! Click this box              to set up a BOOK                                   CLUB DATE. Hope to see you soon!

DAY                   TIME                  PLACE                                                           EVENT                                

Any Day             Any Time           On-Line ZOOM Link                                       Schedule Your Book Club

Thursday            Noon                 Facebook.com/groups/DCMO.talks                Podcast offering tools, tips,

                                                    (inspired by the book, Trapped Within)            and Hope for Stroke Survivors



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