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Neuro Music Therapy may be one of the best forms of medicine we have when recovering from a stroke. Professor Jennifer Jester, Neuro Music Therapist, introduces us to the magic of motion, rhythm, repetition and recovery when music is involved.

Imagine living with a medical condition that could cause another stroke at anytime and knowing there were no known cures at the time of the diagnosis. Letisha Living faced that dilemma for 9 years until a solution was found. Listen to her remarkable story.

Michelle Jensen, Admin for the Facebook group, The Sweat Squad, did not realize until 9 years after a disastrous car accident and subsequent stroke that she could regain use of her hand through physical and occupational therapy. Look at her now!

Barbara Burgess found an extension from the rigorous therapies many of us have endured that brought her relaxation and joy. Learn more about diamond painting and the benefits of all forms of art for the body, mind, and spirit.

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Jeffrey A. Morse has been a pilot and adventurer most of his life. When a massive stroke nearly ended his life and left his body seriously disabled, he made a choice to keep on living to the fullest. 

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