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Guest Podcasts

Thank you to each of the podcasters who take an interest in the topic of stroke and stroke survivors, many of them stroke survivors themselves. I so appreciate the opportunity  to share my story and I marvel at how the book, "Trapped Within" opened so many avenues of conversation. I hope (if you're reading this), you'll take a minute to get to know each of these amazing people and browse their podcast libraries. They are a wealth of knowledge for stroke survivors!

 Episode 155 - Recovery After Stroke with 3-time stroke survivor, Bill Gasiamis (Australia)  - this is a podcast full of answers, advice and practical tools to help you take back your life and build a stronger future.

Bradenton Kiwanis Club  April 13, 2021 (Address begins at 9:10). TOPIC: What it's like to survive a stroke and how we and the community can better support stroke survivors.

Episode 142 with Jo Ann Glim - Host of Strokecast and a stroke survivor himself, Bill Monroe talks to Jo Ann about: her book "Trapped Within; what it takes to put a story into print for those thinking of publishing their own story; and what surprising discovery she made in the last edit before publishing.

Congratulations, Tamara K. Anderson in surpassing 30,000 subscribers the first week of March 2022.

Tamara K. Anderson, author of "Normal for Me" and host of the podcast, Stories of Hope in Hard Times talked one-on-one with Jo Ann about her relationship with God and how she battled the depression that results from losing so much within moments because of the stroke.

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