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"Begotten With Love"
Every Family Has Its Story
Florida Writers Association
Royal Palm Literary Award
First Place - Biography

4 1/2 Star Rating on

A sudden death and sentimental inheritance uncovers a vision of honor and webs of deceit. It took a late-night phone call to solve a sixty-five year old mystery.

Glim's references and knowledge are exceptional. The prose flows easily across the pages. An enjoyable and engrossing read.

John G. Rhode Island

This page turner hooks you with the first characters and does not let you go until the last page. Glim is a superb storyteller.

Faye H. Ohio

After reading a book like "Begotten," you can't help but reflect about the dreams and demons in your own family.

Mariana L. Oklahoma

It reads like fiction . . .

but it's not!

Bob M. Florida

Judge, Writer's Digest

21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

"Begotten With Love" takes a creative premise for telling a family's story and succeeds beautifully. The fictionalization of ancestral history works well and makes this family history read more like an interesting novel. It also makes it a universal story -- readers who had grandparents or great-grandparents who came to America through Ellis Island, or immigrated from other countries, can see themselves and their families in this narrative.


The author does a great job in capturing time, place, and character, with enough history thrown in to help readers place themselves in time. The book is nicely written, and the hard work the author did both with her research and getting the book just right shows . . .


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