Peace of Mind Checklist

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A number of years ago, I wrote an article for Florida's Manatee County Chamber of Commerce monthly magazine The Current regarding hurricane preparedness. We still use a version of it all these years later. Now, in the midst of a pandemic with hurricane season (June 1-Nov 30) just around the corner, I began to think about how useful this has been for our family and decided it might be time to update it and offer it as our gift to you and yours. It's been a blessing to us whether we're going on vacation or evacuating from an impending storm.

Feel free to use it, modify it, or build upon it so it reflects the needs of you and your family. Stay healthy, safe, and informed.

Jo Ann Glim is an award-winning author, forty-year freelance writer, and passionate photographer. She lives in Bradenton, Florida with her husband, Bill and rescued Scottish Terrier, Lucy. She's published two books, "Begotten With Love" a 2014 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award first-place winner for biography, and the newly published non-fiction life story "Trapped_Within."

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