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One would expect a book about someone's stroke to be filled with pain and hardships, but the author has kept the tone light, motivational, and witty.TRAPPED Within by Jo Ann Glim is a stroke of genius - no pun intended.

            Ankita Shukla

            Readers' Favorite

Judge, Writer's Digest

21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

"Begotten With Love" takes a creative premise for telling a family's story and succeeds beautifully. The fictionalization of ancestral history works well and makes this family history read more like an interesting novel. It also makes it a universal story -- readers who had grandparents or great-grandparents who came to America through Ellis Island, or immigrated from other countries, can see themselves and their families in this narrative.


The author does a great job in capturing time, place, and character, with enough history thrown in to help readers place themselves in time. The book is nicely written, and the hard work the author did both with her research and getting the book just right shows . . .


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This is what Kate L. had to say:

5-Stars   A very readable, beautifully crafted account of a horrific life-altering experience. I'm not usually a fan of first person chronological memoirs, but this had me turning pages. I'd have read it in one sitting if I had the time. Ms. Glim's writing is accessible, easy to read in spite of the scary subject matter, and I'm so glad she had a happy ending. I worked with stroke and memory care patients for several years and the details are accurate. Not to make light, but I think Ms. Glim embodies the spirit of the parody movie Galaxy Quest, because she truly embodies "Never give up . . . never surrender!"


"A Life In Tune"


 Jo Ann V. Glim

This short story submission to the Florida Writers Association was chosen for inclusion in  the 2017 anthology, What A Character

If you'd like a copy, ask for it by name at www.shop@floridawriters.net:    What A Character                                       

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