Don't Count Me Out

A weekly program that offers stroke survivors tools, tips, interviews and hope.

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Brad J. Neufeld, President/Owner Resilience Talk Network

Jo Ann Glim, Author "Trapped Within" & "Begotten With Love"

What began as an interview about the book, Trapped Within, became the seed that inspired the weekly vlogcast Don't Count Me Out which airs on Facebook and YouTube.

Trapped Within is a true story about survival, recovery, love, and hope after a nearly fatal stroke. DCMO.talks invites stroke survivors, loved ones, caregivers, and medical professionals to share their stories to enlighten and encourage others within the stroke community. 

Angie Collins-Burke, Author "Just Pick Up The Peg"

Duane Mariage, Videographer "My Story, My Stroke"

What Angie Collins-Burke and Duane Mariage share in common is a sheer determination to recover and live fulfilling and happy lives. They are the epitome of Stroke Survivor Strong.

Dr. Karen Malone, Neuro Physical Therapist

Bob Borth, Nine Year Stroke Survivor

Malone and Borth share insights and observations they've witnessed over the years from working with and/or towards a good recovery. Learn what they have to say about positive mental attitude, curiosity, love, and support. You may be surprised.

Dr. Karen Malone, Neuro Physical Therapist

Duane Mariage, Videographer "My Story, My Stroke

Dazed by the maze of physical therapy techniques and exercises available, how do we choose the best out-patient therapies for ourselves or a loved one? Dr. Karen shares her knowledge based on a thirty-year career as a neuro physical therapist.

Duane Mariage shares another piece of stroke survivor wisdom.

Caitlin Mueller, Lingraphica Rep for Aphasia apps and devices

Eighty-percent of stroke survivors suffer from aphasia to one degree or another. Aphasia is the loss of language skills, not the loss of intellect. Caitlin Mueller from Lingraphica demonstrates apps and devices that help aphasics communicate and re-learn skills that are missing..

Christine Olson, Founder of TIFF's Initiative

                        To Inform Families First

After experiencing a parent's worst nightmare (the death of a child), Christine Olson had an emergency notification idea that is spreading across the nation bringing peace of mind to loved ones during a crisis situation. You don't want to miss this show.

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