Don't Count Me Out

A program that offers stroke survivors tools, tips, personal stories, and hope as we travel a difficult path toward health. The journey is not easy but you'll hear us all say . . . "Don't Ever, Ever, Ever, Quit."

This is the interview that began it all

Brad J. Neufeld, President/Owner Resilience Talk Network

Jo Ann Glim, Author "Trapped Within" & "Begotten With Love"

What began as an interview about the book, Trapped Within, became the seed that inspired the weekly audio/video podcast Don't Count Me Out which airs on Facebook, YouTube and Resilience Talk Network.

Trapped Within is a true story about survival, recovery, love, and hope after a nearly fatal stroke. FaceBook's group page, DCMO.talks invites stroke survivors, loved ones, caregivers, and medical professionals to share their stories to enlighten and encourage others within the stroke community. 

A Sampling of Current Shows

Lynne Becker, Founder & CEO - Power of Patience Everything in Lynne Becker's life led to where she is now . . . her career as a research analyst, her dedication as a caregiver to her daughter (TBI/Stroke survivor), and her determination to improve the treatment stroke survivors receive. Her organization is seeking 10,000 stroke survivor stories to help refine the treatment we receive. The study done with TBI survivors recently identified over 50 symptoms that are overlooked, until now. Her work means our voices will be heard by the people who can make a difference. Please watch this show to have a full understanding of what she's offering and then take "2 minutes" to sign up today.

Cristabelle Braden is an award-winning singer/songwriter, podcaster, TBI survivor, and woman of faith. She is two months away from her masters in theology. She has a series of programs produced called Declaration of Life highlighting women of faith survival stories. She is also beginning an on-line Bible Study program for Brain Injury survivors. It’s our desire to help her spread the word.

Robyn Schlemmer has a heart for service. She chose nursing as a career and practiced her profession for thirty-two years, twenty-eight of those at the same hospital. In 2017 she endured a brain aneurysm, followed a few days later by a stroke. Her experience as a stroke patient opened her eyes to what the medical community could do to help survivors on their road to health. She shares her observations and insights with us today from her new book, “Nursing from the Other Side.” Robyn’s new book can be found on Amazon. 

Tara MacInnes endured a rare form of stroke called moyamoya (Japanese for puff of smoke). Only 1 in 100,000 patients have experienced this form a stroke. She was seventeen.


Tara’s husband, Sean MacInnes suffered an aneurysm the size of a golf ball. He was twenty three.


Meet the MacInnes family. Their story is unique, powerful, inspirational, and dedicated to all who serve others even during their own time of need. 

It’s such an honor to meet Cambry Kaylor and Zack Nelson, a young couple who (because of love, an indomitable spirit to live life to the fullest, and a talent to create something new) has opened the world for many who are wheelchair bound. Learn more about “The Rig,” how to purchase one for yourself, or donate to help someone else in need with a gift of freedom.

If Zack's voice sounds familiar to you, it may be because he is the host on the wildly popular twitter show, Jerry Rig Everything.

Show Guests in Alphabetical Order

Aaron Avila, Owner of Stroke Tv

Bob Borth, Nine Year Stroke Survivor/DCMO Moderator, Artist

Angie Collins-Burke, Author "Just Pick Up The Peg"

Charlotte (Spurr-Thibault) and Dave Balluff, Caregiver

Owner of Caregiving Facility

Airing March 4, 2021

Lynne Becker, Founder and CEO, Power of Patients

Cristabelle Braden, Singer/Songwriter, TBI Advocate

Richard Cooks, Army Ranger (retired)

Tom Dreesen, Celebrity/Entertainer/Comedian

Richard Paul Evans, NY Times Bestselling Author

Leslie Hadley, Author "Awaken from Illness" and Yoga Instructor

Michelle Jensen, Physical Therapy Coach, FB Group Admin

Raymond Kinman, Woodcarving Guru (Disney Imagineering)

Letisha Living, Founder of Kindness Empowers

Jason "Lionheart" Lopes, Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Tara and Sean MacInnes, Patient Advocates - Moyamoya

Duane Mariage, Videographer "My Stroke, My Recovery"

Caitlin Mueller, Lingraphica Rep for Aphasia apps and devices

Marcia Moran, Entrepreneur, Author "How to Become Your Own Health Advocate"

Airing March 11, 2021

Cambry Kaylor and Zack Nelson, Inventors of the "Rig"

Brad J. Neufeld and Jo Ann Glim, Co-hosts of DCMO;3um4zl

Dr. Elyse Newland, Occupational Therapist

Johnny Olivas, Fireman/Engineer (retired), Artist

Christine Olson, Founder of TIFF's Initiative -To Inform Families First

Ralph Preston, Videographer, FB Group Admin

Mike Rhodes, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief WoofBoom Radio

Robyn Schlemmer, OB RN Nurse (retired) Author

"Nursing from the Other Side"

Dr. Karen Sullivan, Neuropsychologist, Author "I Care for Your Brain"

Dr. Gopi Tejwani, PHD Researcher in Neuropharmacology

Author, "I Survived 12+ Years After a Stroke and You Can Too